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Lyn’s Vision

Believe Educate and Empower (BEE) has been borne out a vision that God gave to Lyn Barnes. Lyn, an Australian resident of Victor Harbor, visited Tanzania in 2008 as a volunteer in the slums spending 5 months teaching English, songs and games. This was an eye opener for Lyn and a heart-wrenching experience.

Lyn said, “Nothing could have prepared me for the poverty and primitive conditions that I would encounter. These people lived in what I thought were animal shelters - one room mud & cow dung hovels. No electricity, water or sanitation. As I walked through the area people would stop & ask if I could pay their child’s school fees or a doctor’s bill. They very rarely asked for money or material possessions. They just want to attend school.”

Lyn’s desire was to give these needy people a future and an opportunity to break free from their cycle of poverty. She envisioned building a school, to the glory of God, for the children living in extreme poverty. Lyn became unstoppable in her quest to help them.
Miracle after miracle has left Lyn with no doubt that God truly is her unlimited source. The work of Believe, Educate and Empower (BEE) was birthed and has grown at an amazing pace.


Buzzing Bee

Lyn returned to Australia at the end of 2008 with a passion to raise funds in order to buy land and build a nursery school for the 4-7 year olds.  Later that year Lyn returned to Tanzania for three months, leaving behind a loyal team committed to raising funds for the school that was so desperately needed by the slum community.  Whilst Lyn was in Tanzania she found land and signed a contract to seal the purchase.

On returning to Australia a small BEE committee was formed and the following year BEE was registered as a Not for Profit Incorporation.  A large donation was received to build a church and the vision continued to grow.