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Vision Realized

The School

In 2011 the nursery school building commenced.   Early the following year the first stage was complete, desks were delivered and on 23 January 2012 singing, thankful children prayed and thanked God as they entered their new school.  The school was filled with eager young learners each with a desk, chair and an opportunity to gain an education.

The Multipurpose Church

Twenty thousand dollars was donated by a young widow whose husband’s vision was to go to Tanzania and start a school and church.  Sadly, he died while studying for the ministry.  The generous donation resulted in a further addition on the school land – a multi-purpose church/community hall.  BEE raised the remainder of the money needed to cover the additional building cost of $37,000. The church was completed in 2013 and doubles up as a dining room for the children during the week.

Fresh Developments

In 2014 Lyn, the BEE director and Jill, a committee member, returned to Tanzania to meet with government Officials and discuss the future of the school.
The decision was made that the Government, Danish missionaries and the local pastor would be responsible for the operation of the school. BEE would concentrate on finding sponsors for the children who were now mainly primary school age. The sponsorship program would assist the children attend private primary schools closer to their homes.