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Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events

Cuppa and Slice

Anglican Church, 14 Burke St, Victor Harbor
First Saturday of each month - 10am

You are invited to a time to relax and enjoy morning tea at the Anglican Church in Burke Street.  The proceeds from this event go directly to the Lossinmingori Maasai Village, Tanzania for food and water.  This has been a life line to them through previous years.  Many thanks to Sam and Mike Ryan for their commitment to this fund raiser.  

Everyone is welcome.

Beans for Belly JarsBeans for Belly Jars

We do have Beans for Belly Jars. Some people have these jars placed on their dining tables and they put in a coin every time they have a meal. When the jar is filled they deposit the money in the BEE Maasai account. This has been a great help as from little things big things grow.

If anyone would like a jar to place on their table to support the Maasai please contact BEE Inc and we will arrange to have a jar given or sent to you. Inside the jar is a slip of paper with the banking details. Thank you.