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At the end of 2014 BEE was given a prophetic word by one of the prayer supporters “You have been faithful to build one school. Now you will build many.” This prophecy is unfolding.

High View Nursery School

How delighted we are to see another nursery school going up.  A very kind and generous benefactor has donated the funds to build a three classroom nursery school with adjoining small playground.  After much consideration and prayers we felt to support the school where most of our sponsored children attend.  We were aware of their need for a new nursery school, so were overjoyed to announce that we have chosen the High View Nursery and Primary School to be the recipient of our generous donation.

We thank God for His abundant blessings that He continues to pour on the work we are doing in His Name.  we pray a special blessing on our benefactor for their generosity.  See our Facebook page and the Bee Buzz newsletter, May 2016 for more information giving details of the progress of the new school build.


High View Nursery School


Joshua Foundation School

BEE was able to fund $AU27,000 to Joshua Foundation, a New Zealand Christian based Educational Organization in Tanzania. The money has been used to assist them to build a Nursery School. The Joshua Foundation has dedicated one of the nursery classrooms to BEE Inc. This was a great finish to 2015.

Maasai Church and Kitchen