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BEE endeavours to assist children gain an education that will empower them for the future. BEE seeks out the neediest children and currently has 43 children that are being sponsored with over a hundred children who are still to be sponsored. The sponsored children attend private schools and although government schools would be cheaper the private schools offer English and computer classes. The classes are much smaller and the pass rate is higher. The sponsored children also receive breakfast and lunch, uniforms, and medical costs.

Click images to view some of our sponsored children

This is the Joshua Foundation School.  BEE funded part of the cost of the build.

Sponsorship of Scholoarship (SOS) Program

Here are some of children who need to be sponsored. They arrived with their mamas and all with the same request.

Children needing sponsors

A child can be fully or partly sponsored. In order to sponsor a child, the costs are:

Full sponsorship $50/month or $600/ yearly

Part sponsorship is $25/month or $300/ year

If you would like more information and to make a difference in the life of a child visit our Sponsors page.