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Maize Distribution

BEE has been involved with the Maasai people living at Moduli, Tanzania since 2008. Since 2009 money has been donated to distribute maize and beans to this village. This has helped to alleviate the desperate conditions that drought has dictated. During the desperate conditions of 2013 BEE collected $3300 to purchase maize which was delivered to the Maasai people. After prayers of thanksgiving large sacks of maize were distributed. The widows and poorest families were the first recipients. The Maasai people were appreciative and sent their heartfelt thanks to the donors and gave praise to God for this provision.

Water Tanks

The regular drought conditions make life very hard for the Maasai people. Their dams dry up, maize crops perish and cattle and goats become weak and often die. BEE has funded three water tanks and also been able to send money to have the 3 water tanks filled several times a year.  The water is transported by truck from Arusha.

Stoves and Solar Panels for the Maasai

An electric light and a new stove may sound like no big deal but for the Maasai women it is a giant leap into a modern, healthier life style.Women and children have suffered the consequences of thick, eye-stinging and lung-coating smoke emanating from the open fire cooking in their poorly ventilated huts.  They have been breathing in carbon monoxide that has been responsible for the premature death of many of the Maasai people.  These newly designed box stoves result in smoke free huts and a reduction of sixty percent wood consumption.  The women are trained to build their own stoves. 

Small solar panels are also installed on the roof of their huts. A wire from the panel is attached to a globe inside their huts which, provides them with a welcome source of light.

By 2013, 60 smokeless stoves and solar lights were installed in the Lossinmingori village. Thanks to generous donations the number of stoves and solar panels continues to grow and the mamas and families in Lossinmingori are enjoying the benefits. Lives are being turned around by God's love as new understanding and purpose envelopes them.

The money raised from the monthly Cuppa and Slice Fund raiser is donated directly to the Lossinmingori Maasai village.